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Dora Lewis

Rock n Roll for the Soul

In the tradition of the sacred music artists of our time, combined with some essential influences from classic rock n roll greats, GuruGanesha Band embodies an entirely new music landscape and style that is conscious mantra based rock.


Love is Love

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LOVE IS LOVE features new songs developed and recorded on the road, as well as some unique versions of songs you may already be be familiar with. GuruGanesha Band is about merging the joy of ecstatic chant with the excitement and energy of live music. These tracks represent the best of the last two years of touring, and capture the spontaneity, energy and heart-centered vibe of a GuruGanesha band concert, in a way that a traditional studio recording never could!

Love is Love is dedicated to every woman, man and child who stands for ‘The Oneness of All’ in thought, word and deed. We are profoundly humbled by everyone we meet who chooses to live in the consciousness that We are Love, God is Love, and Universal Love are paths for healing.

As spiritual beings living a human existence, our spirit dwells with the Divine; where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, happiness and harmony reside. We must be willing to examine our self-limiting beliefs that cause us to fear and hate what we don’t understand or believe. Love that shrinks is not love. Love endures the unendurable.

The GGB members are with you on this journey to find the tolerance, acceptance and peace that Mother Earth longs for. Every day we strive to keep our hearts open to all and in all ways. It’s time for people of love to raise the vibration of humankind, so that peace is the norm. Bless yourself and your environments with your love.

And because the Cosmos is a play of polarity, when you feel hate, channel that emotion during your daily spiritual practice. Hate your small mindedness, your intolerance, your unforgiving nature.

Let your kindness and compassion be known. Let your strength and dignity be known. Stand up to hate, cruelty, prejudice, and intolerance.

Let your presence be a symbol of peace and let’s co-create peace on the planet. Sat Nam.

1. Love is Love Title Track
2. The Light of My Soul Medley
3. Mera Man Lochai
4. Humee Him Tumee Tum
5. The Soul Within
6. Troubled Times - Long Time Sun Finale
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Your music is fantastic – it is a new sound – one that I have not heard – and I LOVE IT!