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Dora Lewis

Rock n Roll for the Soul

In the tradition of the sacred music artists of our time, combined with some essential influences from classic rock n roll greats, GuruGanesha Band embodies an entirely new music landscape and style that is conscious mantra based rock.


People Of Love

Available Now!

At a time where the consciousness of much of the planet is plunged into chaos, darkness and confusion, the GuruGanesha Band heeds the higher call and delivers us seven new songs of transformational “Bhakti Infused Rock” with their new album “People Of Love”.

Released in the introspective haze of Jerry Garcia’s 75th Birthday, this new collection enables, empowers and inspires the reclaiming of our divine birthright to FEEL GOOD, move our bodies and attune our spirits. This uniquely “adventurous ensemble” that is the GuruGanesha Band seamlessly weaves mantras in the Sikh tradition with musical inspirations that span the jam legacies of the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers Band and Dave Matthews Band.

The GuruGanesha Band has offered us a light on the path and true “rock and roll for the soul”.  May we receive it and dance all the way home back to our awaiting hearts as “People Of Love”.

The album is now available at the following retailers.

1. People Of Love
2. Aad Guray Nameh
3. The Soul Within
4. Humee Hum Tumee Tum
5. Adi Shakti
6. Mul Mantra
7. Troubled Times
Your music is fantastic – it is a new sound – one that I have not heard – and I LOVE IT!